Dog Training Collars
Level-One Sellers LLC is a leading wholesale distribution and retail company located in Springtown, Texas selling Dog Training Systems. We partner with international manufacturers to bring top-of-the-line radio harnesses at affordable prices customized to work in the North American environment. We have supplied thousands of these systems to customers which include avid hunters and law enforcement agencies.

Our product line has been tested in field conditions by our team to ensure that each system meets or exceeds all specified parameters. We stand by our products and will replace any system or its components in the event of failure within one year of purchase.
 Level-One Sellers LLC can provide large quantity orders at wholesale prices that will beat the competition in both, price and quality.

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In the Field

Level-One Sellers not only supplies great Dog Training Collars, we use them with our very own dogs. As an avid hunter and owner of prime quail territory, we not only test these systems,but use them in the real world. Hunting dogs can put the hurt on any equipment attached to them while on the hunt. Water, cactus, rock, brush, and woods can take its toll on a training system. The Aetertek System has been great in these situations. In over 500 hunts our Dog Training Systems have proven to be at the top! That means you can own a quality training system at half the cost of other shock collars.
Why Dog Training Collars?

The use of a dog training collar is a safe and effective way to train your dog and prevent those bad habits that sometimes dogs get. Training collars help prevent your dog from digging in the yard, tearing up the screen door, damaging furniture, and other things dogs and puppies get into. But most importantly, your dog can be trained to stop  those really bad habits that can put them in danger such as running into the street, chasing cars, fighting with other dogs, and chasing or harming farm animals and livestock. If you have any questions about dog training collars please give us a call at 817-454-1896.

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How it Works for you!

A Our Dog Training Shock Collar Systems utilize three types of correction. Tone, Vibration, and Shock. The 9 volt battery powered transmitter uses 3 function keys and a power dial to transmit signals to the rechargeable remote receiver which is attached to the dog with a tough PVC collar. Having three correction modes is important in dog training technique. In most cases the dog will react to the tone and vibration. Then if needed the shock correction can be introduced  using power settings that will adjust from low stimulation to high. The transmitter will go  into sleep mode if not in use for five minutes. Just touch one of the keys to activate. The receiver battery has 7 days of stand by time and will last up to 12 hours during a heavy training session or hunt. Charging time is about 4 hours.Most of our units can handle up to 3 dogs seperately with the purchase of extra receivers. In other words you can always add to your purchase as your kennel grows.
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No matter how large or small your dog is, we have a collar for you. Our tough PVC collars adjust from as small as 2" and up to 22". If your dog is larger than this, let us know. We can have one fitted

New! P-620 Dog Training Shock Collar