Dog Training Collars
Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Level-One Sellers is proud to provide the best in Dog Training Systems. I know that you will find our products second to none in quality and value.

I would like to talk a little about the use of a Dog Training System. Whether it be our trainers or another brand, it is important to realize that they are used for the well being of your pet and not a platform for punishment. Dogs are very smart animals but sometimes they aquire bad habits. Habits that can injure themselves, other animals, or us humans. My biggest fear is for one of my dogs to run onto a road while hunting. This can be very dangerous. Or how about your dogs response to a rattle snake. These are times when a little correction can mean a whole lot for the safety of your dog. There are also those bad habits that the backyard dog can get. Habits such as digging, excessive barking, or chasing cars and livestock. Training systems are very effective to eliminate these types of actions also.
It is very important to remember that the pet will need to relate to the correction (tone, vibration, or shock) that is given. The pet must be caught in the act and corrected when in the act. Sometimes this is hard to do if it happens rarely. And if very rare, then probably no correction is needed. But if the act is excessively repetative something needs to be done. Thankfully our trainers have three types of correction. Ultrasound, Vibration, and Shock. This is a great way of training your pet. As mentioned, make sure your pet is in the act. You can then command "no" and use the ultrsound feature. If this does not get your pet's attention, use the ultrasonic and vibration after the command. And finally use the shock feature. There are different levels of stimulation for each feature. Your pet will quickly catch on and as I mentioned, Dogs are Smart!

Do not leave the collar on the dog while not in training. For example, if your dog is chasing cattle, sheep, or the local cat, put the collar on the dog and bring it to the situation. When it starts chasing give the correction and command. We recommend 8 hours for our collars. Monitor you dog and check for any redness or rash. If found, remove the collar until healed.

We hope these hints will help you in training your dog. If you need more assistance please Contact Us. You will not get an operator but someone who knows the product. Thanks for taking time to read this article and the best to you and your dog!

Jason Teague
Level-One Sellers
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